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Home of SasoDei lovers♥
Current Residence: Akatsuki Hideout.
Wallpaper of choice: A SasoDei one >w<
Favourite cartoon character: Sasori And Deidara
:butterfly: :l::e::a::d::e::r: :butterfly:

:star: SPECIAL THANKS :star:
:iconcf-chan: For helping us with giving the winner of the contest a request! :w00t:
:iconvatelle: For helping us with giving the second place a fanfic request! :w00t:
:iconchiharusato22: For helping us with giving the winner of the contest a fanfic or picture request! :w00t:

:new: :c::o::n::t::e::s::t: :new:
:+fav: WINNERS :+fav:

:winner: 1st place ~ :icontoontwins: With ~… :winner:

1. A picture request from CF-chan.
2. A picture or fanfic request from ChiharuSato22
3. Your ntry will be put as the clubs webcam.
4. Gets advertised in the clubs journal.

:trophy: 2nd place ~ :iconnennisita1234: With ~… :trophy:
1. A fanfic request from Vatelle.
2. Gets advertised in the clubs journal.


:+favlove: :e::n::t::r::i::e::s: :+favlove:

1. :iconremuslupinlover: With ~…

2. :icontezzino: With ~… [1 VOTE]

3. :icontomonorii: With ~… [1 VOTE]

4. :iconclinicallychaotic: With ~ clinicallychaotic.deviantart.c…

5. :iconkuro-bastet: With ~… [1 VOTE]

6.:iconnennisita1234: With ~… [7 VOTES]

7. :iconbiancatz: With ~… [2 VOTES]

8. :iconseisheun-chan: With ~… [1 VOTE]

9. :icontoontwins: With ~… [10 VOTES] :winner:

10. :iconnopnatzallwd: With ~… [1 VOTE]

11. :iconninaiso: With ~…

12. :iconkibaskitty: With ~… [2 VOTES]

13. :icongaarasbabe: With ~… [4 VOTES]

14. :iconseisheun-chan: With ~…

15. :iconlorraine-kristine: With ~ lorraine-kristine.deviantart.c… [4 VOTES]

16: :iconraxan: With ~… [1 VOTE]

17. :iconakatsuki007: With ~…

:heart: Thank you all for the participation, You all did a great job!! :love:

:butterfly: :n::e::w::s: :butterfly:
I'm am really sorry guys i was updating the journal and my computer was being stupid then suddenly all the members just got deleted! I will fix it as soon as possible but it's impossible for me to put it back in time order after who joined first so i'm gonna put you guys in alphabetical order. Again i'm sorry, hope you're okay with this!! ;o;

:butterfly: :h::o::w:  :t::o:  :j::o::i::n: :butterfly:
1. Send us a note titled 'Join'.
2. You have to watch the club.
3. You must put our icon into you're journal by writing : iconSasodei : without spaces.

:butterfly: :r::u::l::e::s: :butterfly:
1. Do not fave/comment anything in our gallery. Please go back to the original links and comment/fave over there.
2. You must totally LOVE Sasori and Deidara! :3
3. You must like/love/worship the SasoDei pairing. :heart:
4. No Flaming! :skull:
5. Have Fun :dance:

:butterfly: :a::d::d:  :a::r::t: :butterfly:
We would LOVE to get some more art to spice up our gallery but is MUST contain Sasori and Deidara = SasoDei :heart: Fanart, Fanfics, Photographs, Cosplay everything is WELCOME :3

:butterfly: :f::a::n::f::i::c::s: :butterfly:
Never again.… Writer; Vatelle
Naughty. [MATURE]… Writer; Vatelle
All around me. [Songfic]… Writer :idevvatelle:
NDR [MATURE]… Writer; :idevvatelle:
Hate me, Ignore me, Love me. First Chapter;… Writer; ItsNebbles
Forever Damnation. First Chapter;… Writer; Utsukushii-sama

:butterfly: :d::o::u::j::i::n::s::h::i: :butterfly:
Ninja School Paradoxes. First chapter;… Artist; Akumabaka
HIBT. First page;… Artist; Lairam
A man's scent. First page;… Artist; BaBinA
The Red Ribbon (TRR). Cover;… First page;… Artist; CF-chan
Eternal. First page;… Artist; yumekage
Fleeting to Eternal. First page;… Artist; yumekage
SasoDei Doujin. First page;… Artist; Kuro-Bastet
So Sweet. Cover;… First page;… Artist; PinkLalaKitty

:butterfly: :a::m::v:':s: :butterfly:
Cute SasoDei AMV ~…
Lovecheat! ~…
Vermillion ~…
[SasoDei] My Last Breath ~… Wanna Be With You [SasoDei]  ~…
Boom Boom - SasoDei !!yaoi!! ~…
Sasori x Deidara Japanese Doujinshi {Sentimental Journey} ~… [MATURE]
Caramelldansen Sasori Deidara Itachi  ~… by YumiCordo ~…

:star: :a::f::f::i::l::a::t::e::s: :star:
If you wanna be affilates we would love to! Just note us :heart:

:butterfly: :m::e::m::b::e::r::s: :butterfly:

:skull: SORRY :skull: SORRY :skull: SORRY :skull: SORRY :skull:

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PuppetedCosplay Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhhhhh Sasodei 4 life!!!!!!!
thelionesskira Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013   Traditional Artist
omfg so cuuuuute!!! def. my 2nd fave pairing!!! (thats after GaaLee XD)
SasoDei iz kawaiii
LinTsukineXD Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
SkyeShooter Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Why steal from other artists?

These were obliviously taken without permission were they?

Plus no hate! I love this pairing and other pairings, even look on my profile!!! X(
ScorpianAkio Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Naruto1617 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gosh I just luv that pairing <3<3<3
NeonSaf Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
PhoebesComics Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Student General Artist
ahhh oh my gosh I love your work , totally watching!!
SoKai-SasoDei-Emo Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
:DD I'm Finally found people who love SasoDei :DD
deideiisawsome19 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Student Traditional Artist

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